McDope's APT repository

This repository is used to publish miscellaneous customized and/or own packages. For most of them you will be able to find the sourcecode on my Github profile.

Note that most of the times packages will be available only for amd64 platform. You can check the Packages section to check the available platforms for each package.

How to use this repository

You can either direct-download the packages from here, or simply add the repo to your APT configuration.

To use this repository please add the following to your sources.list (or some specific list file): deb ./


You don't really expect me to support the software listed here, do you? Well, for some I actually do - see the listed project homepage for support options. In case it's one of my own projects you will most likely find a Github project where you can file an issue.

You can also reach me on Jabber ( or by email (mcdope (ät)

Signing information

Packages will be signed with my personal GPG key which you can find on Ubuntus Keyserver.

Key: 913558C8A5E552A7
Fingerprint: 0545 C272 18B0 C143 3A04 0F31 9135 58C8 A5E5 52A7

Import the package signing key

To import my GPG key used to sign the packages run the following command: sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 913558C8A5E552A7


Package Version Architecture Description Size Homepage SHA256
libpam-usb 0.7.0 amd64 Adds auth over usb-stick to pam 35.21 kB b3000cefd1524e6c1882906ef7ca9415b4f23fd149b41a45b83800a77b4755a2
libpam-usb-dbgsym 0.7.0 amd64 debug symbols for libpam-usb 84.89 kB a01941289dd76a3429d948a91d32b3d2ed4467b387df6d46fd1f758bdea55b45